Optimum Nutrition for Optimum Cellular Performance

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As it has every year for the past twenty-five, our hometown of Lander, Wyoming is hosting this week hundreds of rock climbing enthusiasts from around the globe for the International Climbers’ Festival. This little town of maybe 8,000 souls is nestled against the foothills of the Wind River Mountain Range, a micro-range within the greater Rocky Mountain region, which provides some of the best climbing opportunities on the planet (like the limestone walls of Sinks Canyon, pictured above). Regina and I will be manning a booth at the Festival’s popular Trade Fair in City Park to introduce climbers to BioSuperfood and explain how its ability to deliver superior nutrition directly to the cells of the body can improve their climbing.

BioSuperfood supports increased muscle endurance and better athletic performance

BioSuperfood bio-algae concentrates are used by athletes of all kinds, both amateur and professional, for better performance, increased muscle endurance, and faster recovery from strenuous exercise. Participating in sports and training sessions for endurance and strength often cause muscle injuries, which are exacerbated by the simultaneous production of cell-damaging free radicals. The effect of antioxidants on the capacity for physical performance has been investigated in a number of studies that show a significant increase in muscle endurance among athletes supplemented with astaxanthin compared with those not supplemented. One of the four micro algae in BioSuperfood, Haematococcus Pluvialis, is believed to be the world’s greatest source of astaxanthin, and is often called the “king of the carotenoids.” An extremely powerful biological antioxidant, astaxanthin has the ability to slow the production of free radicals as well as to support and maintain natural inflammatory response. It’s also been observed to heighten muscle mass and strength in athletes who carry out regular resistance training.

Optimum nutrition for optimum cellular performance

The most significant aspect of cellular metabolism is the fabrication of energy: the efficient transformation of the nutrients in our foods (that originally came from the sun) into ATP (adenosine triphosphate)  during the “ATP Phase.” Cells extract chemical energy from various nutrients and use it to make ATP. The cells then break down the ATP, releasing energy for the body to use. Due to its exponentially superior nutrition — it is, in fact, the most nutrient-dense food known at this time — BioSuperfood has been proven to increase ATP production due to its high quality carbohydrate and fat content as well as its large proportion of chlorophyll and magnesium, which are required for ATP transformation. Thus, since BioSuperfood significantly increases ATP production in your cells, it also significantly increases the amount of energy available to your body, resulting in prolonged muscle endurance and better overall performance.

By triggering metabolic healing, BioSuperfood supports faster recovery

The genius design of the human body allows it to repair itself naturally to be faster and stronger, but only if given enough time to rest. Indeed, resting is just as important as training! If you train too hard or too often, you won’t be giving enough time to your body to work its magic of regeneration, and your body actually will deteriorate instead of improve.

Most athletes know that cooling down — rather than stopping cold — after a workout is critical to proper recovery. This cooling down or “active recovery” period removes metabolic waste like lactic acid much more quickly and efficiently from your muscles than passively crashing on your couch after a workout, and the sooner your lactic acid levels get back to baseline, the sooner your muscles will start using glucose to restock their energy stores. BioSuperfood, due to its ability to trigger cellular awakening and metabolic healing, significantly improves the body’s ability to heal itself.

It has been shown in many human clinical trials that many of the colorful carotenoids in BioSuperfood, including β-carotene, α-carotene, lutein, lycopene, and especially the aforementioned astaxanthin can easily cross the blood-brain barrier. Much more than simply antioxidants (molecules capable of slowing the production of free radicals), these molecules also serve as “energy transfer facilitators,” which due to their elongated molecular structure, can actually penetrate the tight junctions between brain cells and span the cell membrane to deliver the superior and complete nutrition in BioSuperfood directly to the “inner sanctum” of the brain.

The most important brain cells that receive this superior nutrition are within the brain’s “governing” region, or what BioSuperfood inventor Dr. Michael Kiriac has coined the “Genius,” the governing organs of our metabolic health. These organs and glands are responsible for regulating all physiological metabolisms, which include the endocrine system, the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems, the central nervous system, the lymphatic system, the cardiovascular system, and the digestive system with its critical assimilation, absorption, and elimination functions. Speeding up elimination significantly shortens the process of recovery from strenuous exercise and gets you back that much sooner to the sports and fitness activities you love.

BioSuperfood is sports and athletics legal as a natural green superfood

Best of all, BioSuperfood is not a hormone, steroid, or chemical, and it has been proven to be completely safe. 100% organic, raw, and vegan, it has no known side-effects, and it has produced a variety of positive effects in a large number of scientific studies including:

  • Reduced oxidative damage*
  • Reduced pain and faster recovery from exertion*
  • Increased endurance, strength, and stamina*
  • Prevention of exertion-related injuries*
  • Increased oxygenation and performance*
  • Maintained muscle mass gains*
  • Prevention of arthritis due to injuries*
  • Stabilized blood sugar levels, allowing greater access to stored body fat*
  • Significantly raised lactic acid threshold*
  • Increased endurance and delayed fatigue*
  • Nervousness, irritability, or fear before an event or competition replaced by calm power*

If you’d like to read testimonials from athletes who’ve benefited from BioSuperfood, visit our Sports & Fitness page. We hope you’ll give BioSuperfood a try and see how it can help you better enjoy the sports activities you love.

~ Owen Sweeney

Sources: BioNews, Volume 12 – May 2013, Roland Thomas, NMD and Maria Landis, ND, CNC; Awakening the Genius Within, Roland Thomas, NMD; The Magic is BAC, Roland Thomas, NMD

Photo credit: Owen Popinchalk climbing Action Candy 5.10a in Sinks Canyon State Park near Lander, Wyoming, Tristan Greszko

*Statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). None of the products offered on this website are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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After experiencing astounding health improvements from the use of BioSuperfood bio-algae concentrates, Owen & Regina formed Peak Health Supplements to share those benefits with as many people as possible in order to help them achieve peak health.
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