Nutritional Deficiencies and the Triage Theory of Aging

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“The culmination in cellular nutrition is the science of selecting and combining foods with highest efficiency at nourishing the cells…” ~ Dr. Michael Kiriac


Well Fed but Still Sick

When BioSuperfood inventor Dr. Michael Kiriac emigrated from his native country of Moldova to Canada following the fall of the Iron Curtain, he was amazed to find that a better quality of nutrition existed in the former Soviet Union than in North America. “Only in the ravages of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster,” noted Kiriac, “did I see the level of the degenerative diseases – cancer, diabetes, osteoarthritis, allergies, and immune system disorders – that I found in North America.”

How could this be? We here in the United States were brought up to believe that we had the best food supply and medical care in the world! Was Dr. Kiriac suffering from some latent Soviet propaganda? Well, looking today at the ever-increasing levels of chronic degenerative diseases here in the “advanced” West, we can see that what Dr. Kiriac observed in the late 1990s has now reached truly epidemic proportions. But how? How can a population with access to ample amounts of food and medical resources be so sick?

The answer is poor nutrition. Ironically and paradoxically, the United States may be both the best fed and least nourished nation in the world. Industrial methods of farming, harvesting, and food processing, not to mention air and water pollution, have rendered our food supply largely devoid of nutrition. (And I’m not even addressing here the relatively recent introduction of GMOs.)

But wait — Isn’t disease caused only by other factors like pollution and genetics? Whoever said disease is caused by poor nutrition? Well, a lot of people, and their number is increasing.

The Triage Theory of Aging

One of them is Dr. Bruce Ames, senior scientist at Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute (CHORI) and Professor Emeritus of biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Ames, among the world’s must published and cited scientists (authoring more than 550 scholarly scholarly papers) has devoted many years to studying how to reverse the aging process, primarily by identifying the underlying mechanisms of degenerative disease. Best known for his groundbreaking research on mitochondria (the “power-generating” organelles within our cells), Dr. Ames has developed what he calls the Triage Theory of Aging. Explains Dr. Ames in this August 2011 interview in Life Extension Magazine:

The term “triage” is borrowed from the field of urgent medical care. Triage means deciding which patients to treat when faced with limited resources. When presented with more patients than there are resources to treat them all at the same time, doctors must decide which patients to treat first based on the severity of their condition.

So the patient in cardiac arrest comes first, followed by the patient with a hemorrhaging wound in need of stitches, then the patient with severe influenza, and so on. This provides the best chance for all the patients to survive.

Our bodies evolved to do pretty much the same thing. Faced with limited nutritional resources, the human physiology must “decide” which biological functions to prioritize in order to give the total organism—and the species—the best chance to survive and reproduce.

My work suggests that if you’re even modestly deficient in one of the essential micronutrients, your body has to “ration” them in terms of priority. Under this scenario, the body will always direct nutrients toward short-term health and reproductive capability—and away from regulation and repair of cellular DNA and proteins that increase longevity.

This means that while your body may be providing nutritional support in an effort to sustain system-wide physiological function and reproduction, at the cellular level, the process of decay and death is accelerating.

There is One Disease: Cellular Disease

Dr. Ames’s research demonstrates that the decay of cellular mitochondria is far-reaching and can contribute to age-associated degenerative diseases such as cancer and neurological decline. Energy-depleted cells literally begin to asphyxiate and mutate, becoming toxic and causing DNA and RNA damage in cells, tissues, and eventually the organs. This research tracks exactly with Dr. Kiriac’s own work, which he began in the 1970s in Moldova. As he describes the cause of degenerative diseases:

Because of poor nutrition, incomplete absorption, and slow cellular regeneration, the blood and other tissues accumulate toxins and gradually lose their vitality. If we do not purge ourselves of these toxins regularly, toxicity becomes worse until the body either purges itself spontaneously – diarrhea, acne, pimples, boils, liver spots, foul perspiration, body odor, bad breath, and so forth – or it simply gives up the battle and succumbs to degenerative conditions.

Dr. Ames has identified approximately 40 “longevity vitamins” that the human body needs to maintain basic health. These include all the vitamins, several minerals, amino acids, carotenoids, and micronutrients. “Because nutrient deficiencies are highly prevalent in the United States (and elsewhere),” he concludes, “appropriate supplementation and/or an improved diet could reduce much of the consequent risk of chronic disease and premature aging.” Once more, Dr. Kirac’s lifelong conviction that cellular nutrition is the very foundation of health is vindicated!

The Culmination in Cellular Nutrition

As readers of this blog know, convinced nearly 50 years ago of what Dr. Ames has recognized here, Dr. Kiriac set about to formulating a single superfood that would contain all the nutrition necessary to prevent cellular degeneration by empowering cells to thrive as nature intended. His long and intensive research on literally thousands of species of micro algae, known to be remarkable powerhouses of nutrition, resulted in the formulation of BioSuperfood bio-algae concentrates. Not only does BioSuperfood contain nearly every one of Dr. Ames’s 40 longevity vitamins, it contains more than 5,000 individual nutrients and micronutrients: all known vitamins, all known minerals, all known trace elements, all known amino acids, a complete protein makeup, chlorophyll, a full array of mixed carotenoids and antioxidants, essential and non-essential fatty acids, polysaccharides, thousands of enzymes, rare phytonutrients, and many, many others. As Dr. Kiriac’s main collaborator, Dr. Roland Thomas calls it, BioSuperfood is “the most advanced nutraceutical superfood available on earth at this time” and truly “the culmination in cellular nutrition.”

The remarkable results achieved over the course of the past half century and the international acclaim and awards he and BioSuperfood have received have rewarded Dr. Kiriac’s lifelong dedication to “furthering the science and use of these God-Given micro-algae nutrients for the health and survival of mankind.”

~ Owen Sweeney

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