A New Strategy Against Viral Infections

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“The fact that most doctors learn nothing about the science of Nutrition in medical school is well known publicly and within medical school academics. Typically, most medical students read one chapter about pathologies caused by extreme nutritional deficiencies, but they learn essentially nothing about therapeutic nutrition and how it can be applied in the prevention and treatment of disease.” ~ Dr. Alex Vasquez, D.C., N.D., D.O., F.A.C.N.


Given the recent news concerning the worldwide coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, I thought it would be good to read up on nutrients with antiviral properties (Vitamins C and D, zinc, selenium, et al.) to see how many of them are in BioSuperfood. (I wasn’t disappointed.) Quite interestingly, I discovered the writings of Dr. Alan Vasquez, author of more than 100 publications in professional magazines and peer-reviewed medical journals as well as several books, including AntiViral Strategies and Immune Nutrition. Given what I’ve read so far, I think he and Dr. Kiriac (inventor of BioSuperfood) share much upon which they’d agree.

One article I found particularly interesting is one he published in 2014 titled The Proof is in the Panic: We Need a New Strategy against Viral Infections. At the time, Ebola was a daily topic in the international news and the United States was experiencing an upsurge of measles, enterovirus D68, and a new polio-like paralytic disease thought to be caused by a viral infection. Dr. Vasquez argues that this upsurge provided clear evidence of the failure of contemporary medical systems and the need for an entirely new model better suited for international distribution, disease prevention, and broad-spectrum effectiveness. We share here a truncated explanation of his article, and provide a link below to the original article.

Shifting the Paradigm

He begins his article pointing out (as we’ve shared here on this blog) that the great majority of doctors learn nothing about the science of Nutrition in medical school. “Typically,” he says, “most medical students read one chapter about pathologies caused by extreme nutritional deficiencies, but they learn essentially nothing about therapeutic nutrition and how it can be applied in the prevention and treatment of disease.” Most physicians are blinded by their training to treat viral infections by sanitation, vaccination, and antiviral drugs. Dr. Vasquez’s purpose is to shift the current paradigm towards nutritional prevention of viral infections and away from the over-reliance on drugs and surgery.

Deconstructing the Infectious Process – A Multicomponent Antiviral Strategy

Viewing the current paradigm as unwieldy and clumsy, he urges his fellow physicians to deconstruct the complexity of the infectious process. He does so by focusing on four areas: 1) targeting the virus directly, 2) blocking viral replication, 3) supporting immune function, and 4) supporting cellular and whole-body health. See the illustration below.

1.  Targeting the virus directly. Dr. Vasquez notes that while the typical means of targeting viruses directly is by means of sanitation, vaccination, and disease-specific antiviral drugs, he notes that it is also true that several nutrients and botanicals are also very effective. He chooses two examples, the first of which is the mineral selenium , which is one of many minerals found in BioSuperfood. Selenium is very safe and has several antiviral properties including the ability to block viral mutation and replication. Notably, its anti-infectious benefits have been proven in humans with HIV/AIDS. Dr. Vasquez also highlights the botanical licorice, a common herbal tea used for millenia that has demonstrated antiviral effectiveness against several different pathogenic viruses, a few of which include hepatitis B and C, herpes, influenza A , HIV-1, and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)-related coronavirus.

2.  Blocking viral replication: Viruses are incapable of self-replication and must rely on the “genetic machinery” of a human or animal host to replicate. Inhibiting this replication is the therapeutic goal of many antiviral drugs, and Dr. Vasquez notes that several nutrients that modulate genetic expression provide a similar effect. He lists among them folic acid, vitamin D3 (each in BioSuperfood), betaine, and S-adenosyl-methionine.

3.  Supporting immune function: Channeling his “inner Dr. Kiriac” (inventor of BioSuperfood), Dr. Vasquez next points out that “the performance and regulation of the immune system is heavily dependent on optimal nutritional status, and without proper nutrition, the immune system is slanted simultaneously toward underactivity (deficiency-induced immunosuppression) and hyperactivity manifesting as inflammation and autoimmunity.” He further echoes Dr. Kiriac when he notes that “nutritional deficiencies are very common in the general population and thereby contribute to epidemics of infectious and inflammatory diseases.” He highlights several nutrients which have been to support immune function and protection against infectious diseases. A few of the nutrients he lists are glutamine, vitamin A, vitamin D, and zinc — all of which can be found in BioSuperfood. He also pointed to cystine (yes, also in BioSuperfood) as a nutrient that improves immunological response to vaccinations.

4.  Supporting cellular and whole-body health: As Dr. Kiriac notes, “There is one disease: cellular disease. And there is one health: cellular health.” Dr. Vasquez notes that viral infections have numerous adverse effects on cellular and whole-body health, including prolonged inflammation and fatigue, and he notes that more than 30 nutritional interventions that improve the function of cellular mitochondria and the nonpharmacologic amelioration of infectious disease. Dr. Kiriac’s decades of research in cellular nutrition and algae production have proven time and again that nutrition, not medicine, is the foundation of health.

Conclusion and Application

Here we are six years later dealing with the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, in truth a global economy-crippling worldwide pandemic, proving beyond question that Dr. Vasquez was dead-on accurate in 2014 when he stated that “the usual medical and public health measures of sanitation, vaccination, and medication are insufficient.” The medical profession as a whole continues to ignore the nutritional intervention strategies that Dr. Vasquez has shown to be safe, effective, cost-effective, and widely available around the world. (Dr. Kiriac’s success in helping Chernobyl victims is one such success story.) To read Dr. Vasquez’s full article, which underwent legitimate peer-review by an international interdisciplinary team of professionals and includes representative citations supporting the concepts he discusses, click here.

BioSuperfood – The Culmination in Cellular Nutrition

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~ Owen Sweeney

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