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The information below was authored by Russell Louie and originally published by Dr. Roland Thomas in his BioNews newsletter Volume 8 – April 2009. Mr. Louie is the co-owner of Optimum Choices, LLC and among the world’s leading experts on the use of BioPreparation for animals. As noted by the author, the holistic principles discussed in this article apply to all symptoms and any disease.


The purpose of this article is not to introduce a “cure” for any one particular disease, but to introduce a new paradigm in holistic pet care. While the holistic principles discussed herein apply to all symptoms and any disease, I have chosen a particularly deadly one for my example: Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA) or Auto-Immune Hemolytic Anemia (AIHA). (For simplicity, henceforth, I will refer to both IMHA and AIHA collectively as IMHA.)

The Morris Animal Foundation states:

  • 50% of dogs diagnosed with this disease die within two weeks of diagnosis
  • IMHA dogs have nearly an 80% mortality rate

With IMHA, red blood cells are not manufactured at the bone marrow level, requiring frequent blood transfusions to keep the dog’s hematocrit level (HCT) in the normal range (40-45). In addition, the body’s own immune system is seemingly attacking itself by destroying the remaining good red blood cells thus lowering the blood cell count. Prednisone, prednisolone, cyclosporine, and azathioprine are the most commonly prescribed drugs. While these drugs do suppress the body’s immune system from attacking itself, they do nothing to regenerate the red blood cells that are being destroyed, resulting in degenerative anemia.

Typical allopathic research for IMHA focuses on how to stop the body from destroying its own red blood cells and how to stimulate new red blood cells at the bone marrow level. While both treatments are needed to handle the acute symptoms in order to save a dog’s life, is this the ultimate answer? Do scientists really know all the nutrients, organs, glands, and processes involved in producing red blood cells? Is it really a foreign invader stopping the body from producing red blood cells? From my holistic perspective, we don’t need these answers.

Back to Basics

Nature has dictated what nutrients are needed to manufacture red blood cells. Nature has also given the necessary knowledge to the body’s glands and organs and encoded this knowledge in their DNA. So, why not holistically support the body’s natural process of manufacturing red blood cells by supplying super nutrition to wake up the brain and balance all the glands and organs, then let the body’s own natural ability to heal take over? One can do this, not with supplements that mostly treat symptoms, specific glands, and organs, but with whole food products that nourish the whole body.

The following are based on my research, experiences helping with IMHA and observations based on 56+ years of holistic living experience. This is not meant to replace or substitute for proper veterinary care.

BioSuperfood Bio-Algae Concentrates

During the 1970’s in the former U.S.S.R., their chicken, rabbit, and mink populations (all cash crops) were beset with an epidemic of cancers. In 1973, Dr. Michael Kiriac was tasked by the Moldova Academy of Sciences to research nutritional ways to prevent cancer in animals. Current research at that time pointed to the promise of algae as a nutritional tool in preventing cancer. Out of the 25,000+ species of algae on Earth, he chose more than 1,000 different species to research. Bio-algae concentrates is the generic name given to the research algae mixture [what eventually became known as BioSuperfood for humans and BioPreparation for animals] that Dr. Kiriac used on mice, rats, chicken, rabbits, mink, pigs, and other livestock. After 20 years of research, he identified the following benefits of treating these animals with bio-algae concentrates:

  1. 50% of diseased chickens (including Marek disease, a type of cancer) were put back into production
  2. Ability to raise disease-free (including cancer) chickens without the use of antibiotics and hormones
  3. 20% overall productivity increase in chickens
  4. 21% increased weight of chickens
  5. Increased strength of eggshell and larger eggs
  6. Better tasting eggs and meat
  7. Prevention of cancer in rabbits
  8. Shinier and longer fur in rabbits
  9. Increased survival rate of newborns
  10. Increased fertility-larger litters
  11. Calmer moods
  12. Prevention of viral and bacterial infections—overall healthier animals
  13. Dangerously low white blood cell counts (due to leukemia) were increased
  14. Regeneration of bone marrow, blood, spinal fluids, and liver cells

It is this ability of bio-algae concentrates to regenerate bone marrow and blood cells that is most relevant to IMHA. Dr. Kiriac found research by Chinese scientists documenting that phycocyanin stimulates hematopoesis (creation of blood), emulating the hormone erythropoetin (EPO). EPO is produced by healthy kidneys and regulates bone marrow stem cell production of red blood cells. They claim phycocyanin regulated white blood cell production, even when bone marrow stem cells are damaged by toxic chemicals or radiation. (Zhang Cheng-Wu, et. al. Effects of polysaccharide and phycocyanin from spirulina on peripheral blood and hematopoietic system of bone marrow in mice. Second Asia-Pacific Conf. Ibid, April, 1994.)

Chlorophyll is sometimes called “green blood” because of its similarity to the hemoglobin molecule found in human blood cells. In fact, both are constructed of almost identical molecular structure called pyrrole rings, and both substances are chemically known as “porphyrin pigments” by scientists. The difference is that chlorophyll contains a magnesium ion at its core, while hemoglobin contains an iron molecule. Magnesium imparts a green color to the chlorophyll molecule and is involved in synthesis of other materials, while iron gives hemoglobin a red coloration and changes the function of the porphyrin molecule to respiration and breakdown of materials. There are many reasons why cereal grass and other dark green plants can be considered “blood-building” foods. The vitamins and minerals in cereal grass are essential to the synthesis and function of the components of healthy blood. It does appear, however, that small amounts of the digestive products of chlorophyll may stimulate the synthesis of either heme or globin or both in animals and humans.

IMHA Experiences

Since 2003, we have dealt with over 65+ cases of IMHA. One dog, due to have her puppies, fell over and got very weak for 3 days. The owner took her dog to the vet, and she was diagnosed with anemia. Her blood count (HCT) was only 13 (40-45 is normal) and she lost her puppies. They gave her a blood transfusion and took her back a week later for a hysterectomy because the vet diagnosed a bad infection. About 10 days after the operation, she fell over again, her blood count (HCT) was down to 8 and they gave the dog another transfusion. While the dog was there, they did a bone marrow biopsy and found no red blood cells were being made. After 4 days, and $7,500 later, the vet diagnosed IMHA-Red Blood Cell Aplasia. The vet said the blood count was up to 14 but the dog could not go home and would probably die there. At that point the dog was on 7 different immune suppressants. The dog was bloated and had no strength or energy. She could not even go down the stairs by herself. The dog was slowly weaned off all drugs but the Prednisone. She started to act a little better but they still could not get her blood count above 17. Her liver was enlarged and her body was full of fluids.

Fortunately, at our recommendation, the owner started using BioPreparation, along with a natural diet of chicken or beef, rice, and carrots mixed with seaweed, garlic, acidophilus, and flax seed oil. The dog slowly recovered and is still doing great today: full of energy, running up and down the Colorado mountains, eating well — and her gums are pinker than ever. It has been 5 years now since her IMHA diagnosis.

Another dog with IMHA needed CPR because he collapsed and his heart stopped. They were able to revive him and gave him his tenth blood transfusion for IMHA. His lowest HCT was about 8. They gave him BioPreparation and he responded wonderfully. He began drinking water almost immediately. His HCT level remained stable at 32, when in the past it had been no higher than 16, even with blood transfusions. He was discharged from the hospital after 10 days. The dog’s HCT returned into the normal range at 45. He is still on the immune suppressants and steroids but they are working on weaning him off these medications.

IMHA Solutions

Out of the 65+ IMHA cases we have dealt with, at least 26 dogs (conservatively 40%) are still alive. I suspect a number of the remaining cases are still alive but unfortunately, most people treat whole food products just like supplements, in that they only give them as long as their pet has symptoms. When the pet totally recovers, they discontinue the product, and never get back with us. To respect the privacy of the guardians and sensitivity of the subject, we have not followed up.

How did a nutritional whole food product accomplish all this? – it didn’t. BioPreparation contains four micro algae (one-celled organisms) that synergistically supply super nutrients to the body at the cellular level rather than trying to “fix” the red blood cells, bone marrow, and immune system with a specific drug or supplement. BioPreparation simply supplied the body with superior nutrition so it could resume producing red blood cells normally. BioPreparation is not a solution for IMHA but a holistic way to activate the body’s own natural ability to heal.

A New Paradigm in Holistic Pet Care

BioPreparation contains superfood ingredients (including abundant antioxidants in the form of mixed carotenoids from its four micro algae) that can awaken the master gland in the brain, which controls all the other glands and organs of the body and, of course, red blood cell production. When the master gland (pituitary), pineal, and hypothalamus in the brain are synergistically working together, the body is holistically balanced and can return to wellness. Since no one knows exactly why IMHA occurs, boosting and balancing the whole body with a whole food product is the most holistic approach to regenerate red blood cells. BioPreparation did not treat the symptoms or IMHA disease, but activated the animal’s own natural ability to heal.

We have used this same holistic paradigm of feeding super nutrition to the body (from a whole food product), waking up and balancing the glands in the brain, to nutritionally help pets with Symmetrical Lupoid Onychodystrophy (SLO, another auto-immune disease), seizures, cancer, chronic renal failure (CRF), allergies, irritable bowel symptoms, diabetes, lipomas (fatty tumors), and many other imbalances in the body. When the endocrine and immune systems are holistically balanced, everything works like it should, and symptoms are not needed. Now that is a new paradigm in holistic pet care!


About the Author:

After experiencing astounding health improvements from the use of BioSuperfood bio-algae concentrates, Owen & Regina formed Peak Health Supplements to share those benefits with as many people as possible in order to help them achieve peak health.
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  1. Becca  January 27, 2020

    What about Spirulina?

    • Owen & Regina Sweeney  January 29, 2020

      Hello, Becca!

      Two of the four species of micro algae in BioSuperfood/BioPreparation are Spirulina Pacifica and Platensis. To learn more, please visit our Ingredients page.

      Let us know if you have any more questions. We are here to help!

  2. Alissa  February 20, 2021

    My dog has been suffering from IMHA for months. She has taken prednisolone (which worked for a couple of months, but then stopped working), mycophenolate and now cyclosporine. Nothing seems to work. She had a transfusion a couple of weeks ago and if the cyclosporine doesn’t start working, I’m worried she will need another very soon. She weighs 24 kg (although her normal weight is 20 kg). What supplement would you recommend for her? Do they interact with any of the drugs she is taking? I’m willing to try anything at this point and would appreciate any help.
    Thank you,
    Alissa Evans

    • Owen & Regina Sweeney  February 20, 2021

      Hello, Alissa. We are sorry to learn of your dog’s poor health. Because BioPreparation and BioSuperfood are a 100% whole food product and not medicine, there are no known contraindications with any kind of medicine. It sounds as if it would be best to start her on a regimen of BioPreparation F3+. We’ll send you detailed guidelines and tips on how to feed BioPreparation to your dog. Keep an eye out for an email from — and please ask us any additional questions you may have. We are here to help. ~ Owen & Regina

  3. Frank Boyle  May 25, 2024

    This is fantastic information. Could you please answer for me the difference between your product and marine phytoplankton?

    • Owen & Regina Sweeney  May 27, 2024

      Nice to hear from you, Frank.

      In an article titled “Genomic Insights into Marine Microalgae” published in 2008 in the Annual Review of Genetics, the authors wrote, “Marine photosynthesis is dominated by microalgae, which together with cyanobacteria, are collectively called phytoplankton.”

      The name “cyanobacteria” refers to their cyan (blue) color, which forms the basis of their common name, blue-green algae. The other colored algae (yellow, red, etc.) are simply called microalgae.

      Basically, phytoplankton is an all-encompassing word that covers the entire spectrum of microalgae. 🙂

      To read about the four types of microalgae in BioSuperfood, click here.


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