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If you think lifting is dangerous, try being weak. Being weak is dangerous.” ~ Bret Contreras, PhD, Sports Scientist

Regular exercise is a must

It’s proven. There’s no doubt about it. Regular exercise alleviates free radicals’ [unstable molecules that cause damage to cells] effects caused by poor diet and reduces the risk of mortality causes, of sarcopenia (age-related, accelerating decline of muscle health), of chronic diseases, and premature death in older folks. It increases muscle, tendon and ligament stability and fitness, reduces injuries, promotes muscle endurance and recovery, and reduces fatigue. And it also increases your daily performance in academics, at work and in any sports.

Lack of exercise causes lethargy

It’s a fact.  Lack of exercise is a major cause of negative impact to muscles, causing accumulation of reactive oxygen species (ROS), which builds up oxidative stress and chronic inflammation and results in loss of muscle mass, muscle strength and function.

Too much exercise can lead to damage

To maintain their high levels of performance, both professional and recreational athletes need consistent training which often induces oxidative stress, inflammation, and muscle fatigue.  This ROS buildup can also damage mitochondrial membranes, resulting in leaky and dysfunctional mitochondria and fatigue. Together with mechanical stress from exercise, ROS buildup can cause muscle tissue damage, inflammation, muscle soreness, slower recovery and more injuries.

8.6 million sustain sports-related injuries every year

For consistent peak performances and well-being, a proper daily diet is a must and supplemental nutrition is critical prior, during, and after exercise. Injury prevention with high performance fitness can be achieved with a proper diet and supplementation and should be a priority for both professional and recreational athletes. According to the Physical Activity Council, 218.5 million Americans participated in a sport in 2018. Of those, 8.6 million sustain sports-related injuries every year, with 60% of those caused by over-exertion, falls, and direct physical contact with a person or object.

BioSuperfood offers great benefits regardless of exercise level

Much research has been done to identify micronutrients and natural compounds able to prevent or reduce exercise-induced oxidative stress, inflammation, and injury.  BioSuperfood is the ultimate in nutrition, offering a balanced and bioavailable source of every vitamin, mineral, amino acid, and fatty acid that the body needs, roughly 50% pure, bioavailable protein, plus maximum benefits from a plethora of carotenoids/antioxidants: astaxanthin, zeaxanthin, leucine, lutein, alpha and beta carotene, lycopene, and others.

Antioxidants reduce oxidative stress buildup resulting from exercise.  BioSuperfood’s uniquely powerful mix of antioxidants target energy-producing mitochondria and works both during and after exercise to promote muscle endurance and recovery.

The most important cellular metabolism is the fabrication of energy that takes place 24/7 in thousands of mitochondria in the trillions of cells of your body – the efficient transformation of the nutrients in our foods into ATP (adenosine triphosphate) through the Krebs Cycle.  Once a cell has made ATP, it can use it to fulfill any of its energy needs. Muscle cells use ATP for movement – with enormous quantities spent to fuel muscle contraction.

Key compounds in BioSuperfood like chlorophylls, astaxanthin, beta and alpha carotene, and many more play a key role in supporting the mitochondria.  BioSuperfood has been proven to increase ATP production, improve protein synthesis, help maintain muscle mass, improve performance and recovery, and prevent injury from strenuous exercise in endurance athletes. BioSuperfood offers full support to tendons, ligaments, connective tissue, and muscles to boost performance and prolong athletic careers.

BioSuperfood contains two species of the microalgae spirulina, which is one of nature’s greatest sources of leucine. Successfully used as a supplement for athletes to increase muscle mass, leucine also helps with muscle recovery by preventing proteins from breaking down from the impact of hard exercise and enabling faster recovery. Numerous athletes worldwide – among them runners, cyclists, bodybuilders, Olympic swimmers, professional hockey players, and more – take BioSuperfood and report an increase in endurance, stamina, strength, and muscle mass as well as decreased recovery time and fewer injuries.

Health Canada Certified and Sport-Legal

On April 18, 2007, each of the three BioSuperfood formulas were certified as Natural Health Products by Health Canada and assigned its own individual Natural Product Number (NPN).

An application for each formula was submitted along with a list of ingredients and nutrients, a commitment to purity (analysis for pollutants, heavy metals or other toxicity) of each batch, and a proof of quality for facility and manufacturing processes.

Dr. Michael Kiriac’s research and references supporting the product claims, constituent nutrients, and differentiation between the three formulas were also supplied to the agency.

BioSuperfood is sport-legal as it is a whole food, indeed a SUPER food – not a hormone, steroid, or chemical – and has been proven to be 100% safe and effective.

BioSuperfood has produced a variety of positive effects in many scientific studies and has no known side effects. Listed below are just a few benefits of BioSuperfood as they relate to sports and athletic performance.

  • Perfect magnesium balanced with chlorophyll and phycocyanin
  • Improved energy, stamina, strength and endurance
  • Protein content is 100% assimilable resulting in less protein needed
  • Brain chemistry balancing effects result in calm power before events
  • Faster muscle mass gains
  • Longer-lasting muscle mass gains
  • Increased muscle endurance
  • Faster recovery with less injury
  • Stabilization of blood sugar levels
  • Significantly raises Lactic Acid Threshold
  • Reduced Oxidative Stress through balanced ROS and RNS
  • Balanced EFA (Essential Fatty Acids) content normalizes hormones, resulting in strength gains and vastly shortened recovery periods

The more intensive the training, the more effective BioSuperfood is at helping with fat burning, toning, lean mass building, stamina and, strength.

(This post is authored by Maureen Murphy, CNC, ND and originally published by Dr. Roland Thomas in his BioNews newsletter Volume 18 – July 2019. Maureen obtained both her ND and CNC from Trinity College of Natural Health and for nearly twenty years owned a retail pet-oriented shop specializing in holistic solutions for pets and people.)


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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of Peak Health Supplements, BioAge, or BioNutrition. Statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). None of the products offered on this website are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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After experiencing astounding health improvements from the use of BioSuperfood bio-algae concentrates, Owen & Regina formed Peak Health Supplements to share those benefits with as many people as possible in order to help them achieve peak health.
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