The following list of testimonials have been submitted by our own customers, people who have purchased BioSuperfood directly from us in person or from this website. As you read through them, ask yourself whether you’ve ever heard of a supplement that supports such a wide array of wellness benefits. (Please note that some testimonials have been provided with initials, shortened names, or anonymously at the request of the customer to maintain privacy.)

*Disclaimer: The results obtained with BioSuperfood and BioPreparation are individual and vary for each person/animal. The statements provided below are expressly the views of those quoted. Any claims made concerning the products mentioned are not necessarily the views of Peak Health Supplements, LLC; BioAge, Inc.; or BioNutrition, Inc. Neither BioSuperfood nor BioPreparation is meant to be a remedy for any specific disease or medical condition. Each is a highly potent, 100% organic, micro-algae superfood that delivers superior nutrition directly to body’s main metabolic body-balancing control system, thereby healing vital organs, boosting the immune and nervous systems, and awakening the body’s own power to heal itself.


Testimonials of Our Customers*

“I feel great. I can really feel the difference.”

~ Rob W. , Brighton, Michigan

“I had developed severe pain in my right elbow from working out. I thought it was arthritis; I couldn’t move it in certain ways without pain. I started taking eight to ten capsules of the f3 formula every day. At first, I didn’t feel anything. But by the time I finished the 180-count bottle, the pain was gone. I thought that I had permanent damage in my elbow, and I’m glad to know that I could do something about it! Now that I haven’t been taking BioSuperfood for about six weeks, I feel a little of the pain coming back. I am definitely going to reorder.

~ Peter Cariani, Framingham, Massachusetts

“I feel great, but I didn’t have any ailments apart from a stubborn cough that’s since cleared up. I’ve also been doing intermittent fasting and sticking to a strict diet, but the combination of those changes and the BSF have been nothing but positive.”

~ Cris K., Phoenix, Arizona

“I’m up to 3 BioSuperfood [formula f2] capsules a day! I stopped having hot flashes about 10 days after I started taking it. I was having 20-30 episodes a day. I haven’t had any for the past two weeks.”

~ S. C., Lander, Wyoming

“My knees have been feeling better; I haven’t skied this much since my knee surgery seven years ago. I also haven’t gotten sick this winter, even having spent so much time with my sick grandchildren.”

~ S. Miller, Lander, Wyoming

“It has been wonderful! After about a year on the F2 formula, I moved on to the F3 formula and it is going well. Really grateful for this!

~ Anonymous

“I take 2 capsules daily. I am healthy, happy and seem able to fend off most sickness.”

~ Anonymous

“All positive. Lower sugar cravings, more satiation when eating. Healed irritations on the skin quickly, no longer lactose intolerant while on the pills. The body is amazing at healing itself if it has the right tools. BioSuperfood gives the body what it needs to fight the bad guys. It’s amazing that it can create such different results in everyone, but it isn’t placebo–it is the body doing its job with the right tools.”

~ Anonymous

“Since taking BioSuperfood I have experienced less migraines and my stomach issues have been resolved. I have also had increase in energy.”

~ Anonymous

“My energy, metabolism rate, and digestion (most notably a gluten sensitivity) have improved so much since I began taking BioSuperfood regularly. I had been looking for an easily-absorbed way to get all the vitamins and minerals necessary for good base health at once, so I am so grateful that I found this when I did. Thank you!”

~ Susan Gleason, Lander, Wyoming

“This supplement did great things for my daughter. I can testify that it’s not a gimmick. My 11-year-old daughter suffered from chronic fatigue for over a year. We tried dietary changes and changes in routine, with no result. One week into her trial with BioSuperfood, she began to feel better.  Two weeks in, she looked like the girl we had lost a year ago. Now many weeks in, she is still radiant, and we couldn’t be happier.”

~ Jeremy Holmes, Lander, Wyoming

“We are believers and all have felt the difference the last few days since starting up again after not having BSF for a couple of weeks!”

~ Julie W., San Diego, California

“I’ve been on BioSuperfood for almost a year now. Before taking this product, I was using numerous other supplements to cover all the nutrients I knew my body was lacking and was needing. With BioSuperfood, I get it all in a single capsule, 4-6 times a day!

“An immediate change I experienced was and still is, an increase in energy. I put in long days, and it’s great to have the energy. I have not been sick with the cold nor flu (I do not have the flu shot), even when being around friends, family and school children who were sick. If I do feel a cold coming on, I take additional capsules for just that day, and it takes care of any chance of getting a full blown cold.

“I do experience mild arthritis in my hips. I shared this with Regina, not seeing any relief, and she asked me how I was taking the BioSuperfood. Early on, I was taking all six capsules before the afternoon, 2-3 at a time. She suggested taking 1 every hour. I’ve been doing that routine now for 6 months or so, and I do not have the same pain level since the change. I can enjoy walking, riding bike, hiking without flair ups.

“I know the cost of this product can seem high, but with the cost of insurance, and prescription drugs, comparatively speaking, the cost is worth it! It’s all about prevention. Thanks Regina and Owen, for introducing this product to me!”

~ Julie Fiebiger, Riverton, Wyoming

“I have noticed quite a difference, I am grateful to say. It is subtle — it’s almost just a sort of allover ‘better’ feeling — but it’s really making a huge difference for me. There are a couple of things I’ve noticed in particular, though.

“I’ve been gluten-free for several years now, on and off. Not strictly, the way someone with celiac would need to be, but gluten has always left me feeling nauseous, fatigued, vaguely headachy, etc., so I have avoided it. I have noticed that while I’m taking the BioSuperfood, while I still try to avoid gluten, ‘cheats’ do not hit me nearly as hard; the effects are much less noticeable, and they go away quicker.

“Metabolism in general just seems to be running better. I eat pretty ‘healthily’ already, avoiding processed foods, eating lots of produce, varied sources of protein, good fats, and low-glycemic-index carbs (sweet potatoes, fruit, brown rice, quinoa, etc.). I’ve cut processed sugar out entirely since March, as well as high-glycemic carbs like white rice/potatoes/starches, and yet I was a on a weight-gain-weight-loss rollercoaster and stuck in a metabolism rut. Eating well didn’t seem to be working as well as it should, and even ‘good’ food would still leave me feeling sick half the time. But since I have been taking the BioSuperfood, the good food seems to be actually doing its job and I seem to be able to digest it easily.

“Another thing: the reason I started looking for a supplement or multivitamin in the first place was that I was feeling chronically exhausted in spite of having made positive dietary changes, getting to bed earlier, etc. I wasn’t sleeping well, and sleep didn’t seem to help. I felt ‘stressed’ even though there wasn’t anything in particular to be stressed about, and that was causing nausea spells too. The ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’ for me was actually when my hair started thinning noticeably; I’ve never had an issue with that before. (Ha ha…I guess vanity is a great motivator….) While I never actually got a blood panel done or anything (so I can’t give any hard numbers for comparison), I was pretty sure my hormones were out of whack in some way, so I was looking for an underlying ‘balancer.’ I have been sleeping much more soundly, and the sleep seems to rejuvenate instead of leaving me more tired than before. I’ve noticed mood improvement as well as consistent energy to get through the day…and I’m losing about 50% less hair these days, too, so that’s good. :D”

~ S.G., Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“I am still loving my BioSuperfood! My lactose intolerance is pretty much gone.”

~ Jan F., Lander, Wyoming

“Thank you for taking the time to speak to me on the phone and to write. I appreciate the BSF protocol [for people with chronic conditions]. It is obvious in talking to you, you are a quality person, who believes in the product, not a sales person. Thank you for your time.”

~ P. Beiser, Warrington, Pennsylvania

“One of our best milking does developed a hormonal condition that caused her to cycle continuously. Rather than take the conventional veterinary route of putting her on medication that would have required us to take her out of production, we tried BioSuperfood from Peak Health Supplements. Within a few days the condition cleared up, and we were able to get her back to milking. What’s more, we observed that our typically fussy goats ate the BioSuperfood with no problems at all; they love it! More recently, one of our goats developed diarrhea, which we’ve never seen before. BioSuperfood took care of the problem within three days!

~ Kathy Brower, Owner, Got Milk Dairy, Shoshoni, Wyoming

“I have lived with ME/CFS for 15 years and can honestly say that since starting BioSuperfood from Peak Health Supplements six months ago, I am feeling better with a general increase in wellness and energy. Thanks Peak!

~ Erin Sweeney, Newark, New Jersey

“Thanks to Peak Health Supplements…at first I was skeptical. And yet following the suggested regime of their f2, I have more energy throughout the day, can hike or snowshoe in the mountains 4 or 5 miles daily, can get to my desk work with energy, and have lost nearly 10 pounds since investing in their micro algae. I also have much greater mental focus. I am in my early 60s and have, once again, the energy when I was in my 30s. Don’t take my word. Check it out for yourself!”

~ Matthew Brasmer, Flagstaff, Arizona

“I have been taking BioSuperfood for about 3 months and I have been very happy with the results. I have experienced migraines for many years and have not had one since taking BioSuperfood!! I also have been less fatigued and have more energy since taking BioSuperfood!”

~ Jennifer Sweeney, Lanoka Harbor, New Jersey

“I have had a nagging cough for the past four months. I tried everything to get rid of it and couldn’t. I started BioSuperfood in November. After three weeks on BioSuperfood, my cough was gone. Also, I get candida-caused rashes that are aggravated by sugar. In December, I didn’t monitor my sugar intake and ate whatever I wanted. Even though I ate more sugar, my rashes noticeably improved.”

~ B. Marie, Virginia

“I suffer from West Nile Virus. Whenever it flares up, it normally takes me about four days to get over it. I’ve been taking BioSuperfood for about two months. I recently had a bout of West Nile, and I was over it in two days.”

~ Robert O., Riverton, Wyoming

“I am feeling really good. I forgot to take a capsule this morning and felt like I was lagging all day. Over the last two weeks, I worked 120 hours doing a lot of physical labor, and I think the supplements were a big part of me getting through that with the energy level I had. It didn’t feel at all like a caffeine rush; just that my tank was full all day.”

~ Katie S., Nashville, Tennessee

“My mother began taking BioSuperfood for a digestive health condition that cleared up within weeks. As amazing as that was, I also noticed that her lifelong nervousness and anxiety had disappeared!”

~ Jen T., Santa Maria, California

“I was having severe problems with regularity. I stopped taking the medicine because I was afraid of the side effects. Since taking the BioSuperfood, I have had absolutely no problems. Thank God.

~ Elizabeth S., Toms River, New Jersey

“Ever since I have been taking BioSuperfood, I have felt a decrease in anxiety and an overall general calmness. I feel it also detoxified my body very effectively.”

~ Joseph Thomas, Monmouth Junction, New Jersey

“BioSuperfood seems to have improved our immunity, even at a maintenance level of 1-2x a day. I’d like to increase to 3x a day for further healing.”

~ E. McNeil, Reno, Nevada

Update after four months:

We probably each only take one 3x a week, but it’s been a much healthier year than last year. My younger kids all had a 12 hr flu (same as all the other 12 and under cousins) at Thanksgiving. Other than that, just two colds. And this is despite pretty much ignoring our sensitivities to dairy and wheat, and eating whatever is easy. Soda pop still puts us over the edge to catch a cold, but now my kids know the difference and expect their immune systems to be strong and value feeling good. We’ve had to quit the chiropractor since last October, so it really must be the algae.

Funny thing: we have to consume the BioSuperfood capsules quickly around my house or my 2 year-old will grab it and eat it. He loves them. I’m grateful for the gut healing that we’ve seen!

I used to take prescription thyroid medication every day. Since beginning BioSuperfood, I have eliminated the thyroid medication from my daily routine.

~ Owen Sweeney, Lander, Wyoming

“My mother has been suffering from the long-term side effects of medicine she took many years ago. One of these side effects is an eczema-like skin rash. Within four days of taking BioSuperfood f3, the lower half of her arm had begun to heal!”

~ Maria R., Glendale, Arizona


To get a full sense of the truly astonishing breadth of conditions from which people have experienced relief after adding BioSuperfood to their diets (and BioPreparation to the diets of their pets), we recommend reading this exhaustive list of testimonials to be found on our colleague Dr. Roland Thomas’s The Magic is BAC website (a few of which are ones from above we’ve shared with him). Dr. Thomas is BioSuperfood inventor Dr. Michael Kiriac’s main North American collaborator and the author of two books on BioSuperfood and the life and work of Dr. Kiriac.

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