In December 2001, as the highest educational honor of his life and career, BioSuperfood inventor Dr. Michael Kiriac was nominated Professor of Education and Human Rights to Health by the International Association of Educators for International Peace and the International Consultative Organization. From that day forth, he holds the title of Professor or Professor Doctor Kiriac, to also honor his Doctorate. With this recognition, Professor Kiriac is entitled to teach at any French language university in Europe.

In November 2002, representing Canada, Dr. Kiriac was awarded honors at the 52nd Eureka International Invention conference held in Brussels, Belgium. Over 900 inventions from all over the world were presented at this annual show. BioSuperfood received the highest honors — the Commission’s Cross and Golden Globe Award — and was hailed as the best nutraceutical product in the world.

Professor Kiriac continues to work closely with health practitioners and directly with patients as often as he can. He spends most of his time lecturing and training health practitioners that utilize BioSuperfood to help their clients in their practices. He continues his efforts to work closely with health sectors in Canada, providing training to doctors that are currently working with the product in their practice.



Nominated Moldova Person of the Year (1987) Mr. Kiriac was nominated person of the year in his native country of Moldova for his resounding achievement and success at the most economically significant poultry center which provided considerable financial return for the country. A 150-minute documentary film was made for the occasion and introduced on national television by Moldova’s Prime Minister and Minister of Finance.

Gold Medal (1994) New Technology for Algae Production, International Exhibition for Research in Industrial Invention, Iasi, Romania

Silver Medal (1995) Element of Protein Synthesis, Show Management Index, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Gold Medal & Special Award, Earth Ecology (1995) Industrial Use of Poultry Waste (Droppings). International Eureka Show, Brussels, Belgium

Nominated Professor, Education and Human Rights to Health, International Association of Educators for International Peace (AEIPM), International Consultative Organization (UNESCO, UNICEF, ECOSOC/ONU)

Honorary Diploma in recognition of international activities in social, humanitarian, cultural, scientific, health, education, and philanthropic domains, International Association of Educators for International Peace (AEIPM), International Consultative Organization (UNESCO, UNICEF, ECOSOC/ONU)

Nominated Doctor in Philosophy (2001) International Political and Cultural Sciences Academy, Brussels, Belgium

Gold Medal (2001) for efforts supporting the ills of Chernobyl

Gold Medal (2002) Invention of Bio-Algae Concentrates for Animals, International Eureka, Brussels, Belgium

Gold Medal Jury’s Mention (2001), Invention of Bio-Algae Concentrate, International Eureka ,Brussels, Belgium

Nominated Academician of Merits with Scientific Mention and Jury’s Special Mention, Recognition by International Scientific Academy Life Universe Nature (A.S.I.V.U.N.), Toulouse, France

Great Minds of the 21st Century, Governing Board of Editors of the American Biographical Institute, for significant accomplishments within and mastery of Alternative Medicine. Documented in the premier edition of Great Minds of the 21st Century, reserved for Men and Women whose Accomplishments and Influences are the Results of Superior Conditioning of the Intellect.

Cross of the Legion (2002) Highest award from Commission, 52nd Eureka Inventions and Technologies, Brussels, Belgium


(All of the above excerpted and adapted from  Dr. Roland Thomas’ free eBook, “Awakening the Genius Within: The Culmination in Cellular Nutrition,” which tells the inspiring story of how Dr. Kiriac invented bio-algae concentrates, popularly known today as BioSuperfood.)


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