“If you can increase brain health, the rest of the body is a no brainer.” ~ Dr. Michael Kiriac, inventor of BioSuperfood

Due to its completeness, balance, synergies, and high bioavailability (ability to be absorbed by the body), BioSuperfood is an “extremely efficient” food that delivers thousands of nutrients directly to the cells of the brain to “awaken the Genius within.”

By “Genius” we mean that region of the brain made up of the critical governing organs of our metabolic health: the thalamus, hypothalamus, pituitary and pineal glands, and parts of the cerebellum. These organs and glands are responsible for regulating all physiological metabolisms, which include the endocrine system, the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems, the central nervous system, the lymphatic system, the cardiovascular system, and the digestive system with its critical assimilation, absorption, and elimination functions.

Located generally in the middle and base of the brain, the main function of the Genius is homeostasis, endocrine and energetic coherence, and maintaining the body’s status quo. The Genius holds to precise values, called “set-points,” factors such as energy, blood pressure, body temperature, fluid and electrolyte balance, fat metabolism, and body weight; in essence, all metabolic functions report back to and are governed by the Genius.


The Genius, like any other part of the body, is comprised of billions of cells, each having its own specific task. When the cells that make up the Genius are healthy and doing their work, it will perform its overseer role properly; conversely, when these cells are not healthy and not doing their work, then it will not. In order to be healthy and perform their work well, cells need hundreds of nutrients every day, and it is only when these nutrients are supplied that the cells will grow, repair, defend from attacks, and otherwise perform their specialized metabolic functions.

However, due to the blood-brain barrier, a highly selective, semipermeable membrane barrier that separates the circulating blood from the brain and extracellular fluid in the central nervous system, the Genius and its billions of cells are more difficult to reach and nourish adequately than cells in other parts of the body. Add to this aging or disease, and the task of nourishing the cells of the Genius becomes even more difficult, and the body becomes less efficient at assimilating nutrients from food. This problem is exacerbated further by poor diet, nutritional deficiencies in our modern food supply, and other intoxicating stressors. Sometimes these problems are present at birth due to genetics or they might manifest during infancy due to poor nutrition.


From a holistic perspective, disease (i.e., non-health) can be demystified when one considers the cellular level. Disease and its symptoms reside first at the cellular level; the body is made up of hundreds of trillions of intelligently-designed, living cells which make up our organs, bones, tissues, blood, and brain. From this perspective, unhealthy cells lead to unhealthy organs, unhealthy organs lead to deficient metabolic activities, which in turn leads to symptoms, to which we give a particular disease name.

Once symptoms of disease are manifesting (e.g., as in hypoglycemia, cholesterol, or high blood pressure), most cells of the body are likely toxic, deficient in nutrients and energy, and are less efficient in conducting their myriad of survival activities: repair, detoxification, growth and regeneration, and their specialized task, such as insulin production of certain pancreatic cells.

At the next level, due to these cellular deficiencies, the organs are now less efficient in conducting their own metabolic function. For example, with hypoglycemia, the pancreas is sluggish in regulating the blood sugar with adequate insulin.

Now that the Genius, which is also made of cells, is itself affected by these same cellular deficiencies and is rendered less efficient at regulating metabolisms, like that of blood sugar, pH (acidity/alkalinity), and even the heartbeat; things are in a very serious state when the Genius itself is atrophied.

Aggravating the problem, after years and even decades of metabolic inefficiencies (improper pH, blood sugar, temperature, fats, etc.), the Genius and its allies, the endocrine glands, have become tolerant of these improper metabolic values. The Genius now has become mis-programmed and now (mis)behaves as if it is in a “healthy” state. This is apparent in hypoglycemia, a condition in which the Genius has become lazy in regulating the cells of the pancreas responsible for insulin production, a chronic condition we call “diabetes.”

At this stage of degeneration many other cells function poorly and other symptoms manifest themselves at the organ and metabolic level: poor Krebs/ATP cycle and cellular exhaustion, mal-assimilation, mal-absorption and poor detoxification and elimination, deficient protein synthesis, sluggish osmosis of water (dehydration), and deficient oxygenation (hypoxia). There is chronic acidity and resulting acidosis: not only are there incorrect pH levels, but, due to inefficient flushing of cellular debris, there are accumulated acid ashes inside and between the cells. These conditions lead to infestations of bacteria and parasites (fungus, yeast, and Candida), to “bad” fats (high cholesterol) and to lack of viscosity. Frequently there is crystallization of fats and other unassimilated debris into plaque and arthritis. Food/nutrient assimilation and elimination is deficient; healing energy is lost, trapping the body in a vicious spiral downward to chronic disease and death.


As Hippocrates advised, “Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be they food.” All good foods have the potential to nourish and heal. For this healing to be a reality, the nutrients in the food we eat must be assimilated and absorbed within the cell wall in sufficient quantities. With wrong food choice, aging, and other metabolic deficiencies, this becomes difficult to achieve, and cellular disease takes over. Due to its extraordinary nutrient content and exceptional bioavailability, BioSuperfood’s nourishment potential is hundreds of times higher than ordinary foods and other sources of nutrients: BioSuperfood’s combined nutritional values and high utilization properties deliver the culmination in cellular nutrition.


Whole food. Whole foods are the way nature meant for us to nourish ourselves, and quality, not quantity, counts. For example, a minuscule amount of Vitamin C as it occurs in a whole orange or green pepper is tremendously more nutritionally functional than a mega-dose of isolated ascorbic acid.

Organic. The “Bio” in BioSuperfood means that it is of a living organism, that it is not isolated, separated, synthetic, or chemical. It is grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones, or other dangerous additives.

Micro food. This is a key characteristic of BioSuperfood that explains why such nutritional power can reside in such a small quantity. BioSuperfood contains micro-algae that hold extraordinary nutritional value for their size. These micro-algae are invisible to the naked eye while at the same time delivering more nutrients than any visible food particle. Furthermore, they contain no extraneous material like fiber, fat, bulk, or water; this makes BioSuperfood extremely digestible, non-toxic, with minimal assimilation and elimination burden for the body. BioSuperfood is pure energy.

Complete. Most foods, like an apple, are whole within themselves. But an apple does not contain many of the required nutrients that we need to sustain life. BioSuperfood is not only whole, but it is also the most complete food on Earth, containing amounts of all daily required nutrients and thousands more. There are more than 5,000 known nutrients in BioSuperfood including Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K, all known minerals and trace elements, all known amino acids, a full protein makeup, chlorophyll, an array of mixed carotenoid antioxidants, and thousands of enzymes.

Balanced. There are four micro-algae in Biosuperfood, each a whole food that is naturally balanced within itself. Nine years of intensive research were invested in formulating the optimum balance, patiently selecting the most compatible algae amongst the thousands investigated.

(Extremely) Bioavailable. BioSuperfood has an exceptionally high overall utilization ratio with no resulting toxicity. For example, its human active proteins have a 98-99% net utilization ratio while its calcium has a net utilization ratio over 95%. Several of its nutrients, like beta carotene, alpha carotene, and astaxanthin are proven to penetrate the blood/brain barrier. This sort of bioavailability and net utilization is possible because of previously mentioned characteristics: whole food, organic, complete, micro-food, and balance.

Synergystic. At the molecular level, synergy is real. Once the 5,000+ nutrients in BioSuperfood are subjected to digestive enzymic breakdown, they further explode into 50,000 sub-nutrients and millions of sub-molecules synthesized during digestion as enzymes, proteins, and other molecules that are generated in the mouth as amylase, in the pancreas as protease, disassembled and re-organized further by the liver and assimilated into the bloodstream and distributed within seconds by the flow of blood across the entire body to nourish trillions of cells.


The above is adapted and excerpted from Dr. Roland Thomas’s free eBook (get yours here), Awakening the Genius Within: The Culmination in Cellular Nutrition, which tells the inspiring story of how Dr. Michel Kiriac invented bio-algae concentrates, popularly known today as BioSuperfood.


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