“If you can increase brain health, the rest of the body is a no brainer.”

Dr. Michael Kiriac, inventor of BioSuperfood bio-algae concentrates

We’ve been led to believe that health comes from medicine, when in fact it comes from nutrients found in whole foods. But our conventional food supply is largely devoid of nutrition, and most mass produced vitamins and health supplements are sterile, isolated, synthetic imposters, incapable of delivering the living nutrient content as found in clean, organic food.

BioSuperfood bio-algae concentrates are made from four of the most nutrient-dense micro algae on Earth — each a whole food in itself — and are absorbed effortlessly by the body and significantly more effective than other vitamins supplements. Just what do we mean by “effective”?

Because of its completeness, balance, synergies, and high bioavailability (ability to be absorbed easily by the body), BioSuperfood is an “extremely efficient” food that delivers thousands of nutrients directly to the cells of brain, in particular that part of the brain Dr. Kiriac has named “The Genius”.

“The Genius” is the region of the brain made up of the critical governing organs of our metabolic health: the thalamus, hypothalamus, pituitary and pineal glands, and parts of the cerebellum.


The Genius is comprised of billions of cells, each having its own specific task. When these cells are healthy and doing their work, The Genius will perform its overseer role properly; conversely, when these cells are not healthy and not doing their work, then it will not. In order to be healthy and perform their work well, cells need hundreds of nutrients every day, and it is only when these nutrients are supplied that the cells will grow, repair, fend off attacks, and otherwise perform all of their specialized metabolic functions.

However, The Genius and its billions of cells are much more difficult to reach and nourish than cells in other parts of the body due to the blood-brain barrier, a highly selective, semipermeable membrane that separates the circulating blood from the brain. Moreover, as we age, the task of nourishing the cells of The Genius becomes even more difficult, and the body becomes less efficient at assimilating nutrients from food. This problem is exacerbated further by poor diet, nutritional deficiencies in our modern food supply, and our toxic environment.

In short, The Genius, the body’s “conductor” who should be directing the grand symphony that is our body’s metabolic activities, falls asleep, and the different sections of the orchestra (our body’s systems and organs) are unable to know what to play and how to interact with the other instruments. Our cells cannot absorb nutrients, cannot regenerate, and cannot rid themselves of toxins, leading to fatigue and disease.


The many colorful phytonutrients in BioSuperfood, especially astaxanthin, can easily permeate the blood-brain barrier. Much more than simply antioxidants (molecules capable of slowing the production of cell-damaging free radicals), these molecules also serve as “energy transfer facilitators,” which due to their elongated molecular structure, can actually penetrate the tight junctions between brain cells and span the cell membrane to deliver the superior and complete nutrition in BioSuperfood directly to The Genius, fueling the “power-generating” mitochondria that turn sunlight energy into chemical energy (ATP) for use in all the body’s metabolic processes.

You can see why supplying nutrition to this region of the brain would be extremely desirable, especially for someone in a state of deteriorating health or chronic disease. BioSuperfood wakes up the conductor — The Genius — and gets the entire orchestra back on the same page: the downward spiral towards disease is reversed into an upward spiral back to health and vitality.


Would you like to learn more? Get your free copy of Awakening the Genius Within: The Culmination in Cellular Nutrition, which tells the inspiring story of Dr. Michel Kiriac’s successful life pursuit of treating cancer with nutrition — not medicine — and how he invented bio-algae concentrates, popularly known today as BioSuperfood.