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Not made from whole food.

It is whole food.

BioSuperfood is nature’s most complete, potent source of nutrition.

BioSuperfood activates your body’s own natural power of self-healing.

BioSuperfood is government-certified to be safe, effective, and free of toxicity.

Rave BioSuperfood reviews from our customers…

  • I’m up to 3 BioSuperfood [formula f2] capsules a day! I stopped having hot flashes about 10 days after I started taking it. I was having 20-30 episodes a day. I haven’t had any for the past two weeks.– S. C. , Lander, Wyoming

  • I have lived with ME/CFS for 15 years and can honestly say that since starting BioSuperfood from Peak six months ago, I am feeling better with a general increase in wellness and energy. Thanks Peak!– Erin Sweeney, Newark, New Jersey

  • At first I was skeptical, yet following the suggested regime of their f2, I have more energy throughout the day, can hike or snowshoe in the mountains 4 or 5 miles daily, can get to my desk work with energy, and have lost nearly 10 pounds since investing in their micro algae. I also have much greater mental focus. I am in my early 60s and have, once again, the energy when I was in my 30s.– Matthew Brasmer, Flagstaff, Arizona

  • I have been taking BioSuperfood for about 3 months and I have been very happy with the results. I have experienced migraines for many years and have not had one since taking BioSuperfood!! I also have been less fatigued and have more energy since taking BioSuperfood!– Jennifer Sweeney, Lanoka Harbor, New Jersey

  • All positive. Lower sugar cravings, more satiation when eating. Healed irritations on the skin quickly, no longer lactose intolerant while on the pills. The body is amazing at healing itself if it has the right tools. BioSuperfood gives the body what it needs to fight the bad guys. It’s amazing that it can create such different results in everyone, but it isn’t placebo–it is the body doing its job with the right tools.– Jan F. , Lander, Wyoming

  • This supplement did great things for my daughter. I can testify that it’s not a gimmick. My 11-year-old daughter suffered from chronic fatigue for over a year. We tried dietary changes and changes in routine, with no result. One week into her trial with BioSuperfood, she began to feel better.  Two weeks in, she looked like the girl we had lost a year ago. Now many weeks in, she is still radiant, and we couldn’t be happier.– Jeremy Holmes, Lander, Wyoming

  • My energy, metabolism rate, and digestion (most notably a gluten sensitivity) have improved so much since I began taking BioSuperfood regularly. I had been looking for an easily-absorbed way to get all the vitamins and minerals necessary for good base health at once, so I am so grateful that I found this when I did. Thank you!– Susan Gleason, Lander, Wyoming

  • I was having severe problems with regularity. I stopped taking the medicine because I was afraid of the side effects. Since taking the BioSuperfood, I have had absolutely no problems. Thank God.– Elizabeth S., Toms River, New Jersey

  • My knees have been feeling better; I haven’t skied this much since my knee surgery seven years ago. I also haven’t gotten sick this winter, even having spent so much time with my sick grandchildren.– Susan M., Lander, Wyoming

  • I feel great after a stubborn cough that’s since cleared up. I’ve also been doing intermittent fasting and sticking to a strict diet, but the combination of those changes and the BioSuperfood have been nothing but positive.– Chris. K., Phoenix, Arizona

~ Owen & Regina Sweeney, Owners, Peak Health Supplements, Lander, Wyoming, USA

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